Friday, 26 July 2013

Fly this summer to 10 most popular travel spots from Gatwick

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Fly this summer to 10 most popular travel spots from Gatwick

With the approaching summer, Gatwick Airport is suiting up to serve over six million passengers transiting through the airport. The airport is expected to be faced with a long busy summer period.

Gatwick airport connects to some of the major travel spots and tourist destinations around the world. The airport is likely to welcome around six million passengers traveling through its grounds between 19 July and 2 September.

The airport officials predict the busiest day for departure, this summer will be Friday 26 July with an expected transition of 72,000 passengers. It is also estimated that 460,000 travellers will depart from Gatwick airport on the busiest period of the week starting 12 August. 

The 10 most popular travel spots for this summer:

1: Flights to Amsterdam from Gatwick airport

2: Barcelona

3: Majorca

4: Dalaman

5: Alicante

6: Faro

7: Dublin

8: Nice

9: Belfast

10: Malaga

Gatwick airport has planned for a variety of themed programs to entertain its many families and travellers passing through its grounds. Passengers can expect to find a wide range of programs from theme music, dance, family fun to circus acts. 

Nick Pope, Terminal Operations at London Gatwick, said: “Gatwick is looking forward to welcoming passengers this summer with some fantastic events to entertain and delight people travelling with children in particular. Passengers will be able to enjoy everything from dance shows and circus performers to live music and magic acts.

“We want to ensure the journey through our airport is smooth and speedy but also fun and memorable – and giving passengers a great send off and warm welcome is all part of achieving this.” He added.


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