Thursday, 24 January 2013

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Do you love to travel? Have something to share with others? Then tell the world about your experience right here!  Vote, comment and suggest ideas to the travel community.

The main focus of Compareandfly.blogspot is to facilitate bloggers and allow the exchange of ideas. With everyday posts we strive to share intimate details and views of different travellers on various aspects of travel. Share your findings of new and interesting information on travel as well as destinations.

Take initiative, analyze and provide commentaries on everyday activities in airline and travel industries. Send us your posts to

We accept:
  • Well-written content between 400-500 words in length. 
  • Use of bullet points, sub-headings and lists, to make the body more readable.
  • Piece relevant to airline and tourism industry.(Airlines - about, launches, events, offers and packages, Travel Tips & Travel Guide)
  • How to's & Tips related to Airlines, Airfare, Hotels and Destinations. 
  • Blogs on special Festivals, Events & Celebrations. 
  • One anchor text link (travel related) added only in the author bio. 
  • Content in HTML or Word document with relevant image files (including attribution) attached separately
We look for :
  • Travel relevant piece.
  • Reader engaging article.
  • High Quality and Comprehensive content.
  • Non-promotional article.
We don't post:  
  • Spun articles.
  • Already published content.
  • Irrelevant articles.
  • Articles with profanity, pornographic material and slang terms.
The editorial team @ Compareandfly reserves the right to edit or reject blog posts. We will notify you about the changes (we let you have a peek at the changes before publishing).

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