Thursday, 7 March 2013

Air Malta to operate charter flights to seven UK regional airports

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Air Malta to operate charter flights to seven UK regional airports

This mid year, between May and October, Air Malta will again manage week by week sanction flights to/from seven territorial runways in the UK. In accordance with interest and operations in past years, Air Malta will work sanction flights to/from Birmingham and Cardiff with two flights each week on Tuesdays and Fridays, and week after week flights on Tuesdays to/from Bristol, Exeter, Newcastle, Norwich and Glasgow runways.

The aforementioned sanction flights expand openness to the islands from local UK landing strips and consequently offer travellers the chance to voyage out and over from their closest home landing strip. Besides, such flights additionally lure the investment of the Maltese traveller to visit family and associates in different urban areas in the United Kingdom. The operation of such provincial utilities was made plausible as a result of the backing gained from tour drivers and voyage barter confederates in the regions. 

 Remarking on the aforementioned aids, Philip Saunders, Chief Commercial Officer stated, "Air Malta is expanding its position in the UK as a guide in the business to Malta. Our mid year contract operations further affirms the air transport's responsibility to support incoming tourism to Malta from the UK, and to carry Malta closer to UK local airfields. The aforementioned flights additionally make it much more effortless for the Maltese business sector to visit British districts."

Air Malta manages such sanction utilities as a supplement to the consistent booked utilities to/from Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester, and moreover offers 20kgs for filed in things and up to 10Kgs as hand gear stipend for every traveler.


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