Sunday, 19 May 2013

Moscow hotel offers unique Russian language lessons to its guests

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Planning a vacation or business trip to Moscow? If you’re one amongst those extra-curious individuals for whom easy sight-seeing isn’t enough and you're feeling the dire have to be compelled to really explore and perceive the Russian culture—then Renaissance Moscow Olympic edifice is that the good place for you.

Ever dream of reading Feodor Dostoevsky or writer in Russian? It’s attainable. apart from providing a free transfer service to Moscow’s main attractions, the edifice offers a novel chance to be told Russian and become nearer to the Russian culture.

Every Tues at 6:30pm within the seven Sisters Café, knowledgeable Russian language tutor awaits the edifice guests. the teacher not solely teaches the foremost necessary and common Russian phrases, however conjointly shares stories regarding Great Russian traditions and customs. The teacher can realize a special approach to each single student, notwithstanding his level of data of the language.

The lesson is entirely free and lasts one hour. However, at times, guests are thus engaged within the discussions and queries that category continues on even more. Guests became thus at home with this distinctive characteristic of the edifice, that these lessons have already become a form tradition that travelers anticipate throughout their each visit to the present downtown Moscow edifice.

June 6th is International Russian Language Day, a date that was chosen specifically to commemorate the birthday of the far-famed Russian author Pushkin. On at the moment, Renaissance Moscow Olympic edifice can host a special lesson with a conventional Russian urn ceremony, complimented by delicious customary sweets.


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