Thursday, 11 July 2013

Pack Light & Fly Light

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Pack Light & Fly Light
It is time to stop dragging along those heavy trunk cases, packed with a pile of clothing. Enjoy the sweetness of mobility and freedom, by simply saying no to extra luggage. Travelling with a handful of bags can put a damper on your vacation. Save time, money and energy with these ultralight packing tips, for you next fun trip.

Light Weight bag
Get hold of the compact and easy to carry bag. The preferred choice would be the one which can be carried as a backpack or as a shoulder bag. You'll find that most airlines allow an average carry-on-bag size of 9" × 22" × 14". The bags of this size would easily fit into the overhead bin and also providing you with ease of mobility and freedom.

Comfy Light Footwear
Choose comfortable and functional footwear that fits your travel activities. Not all shoes in the market today tend to be heavy. As you know apart from flimsy flats today we can find ultralight sneakers available at every footwear outlet. The lightest shoes gives you an extra edge when it comes to packing a few extra oz.

If your faced with no other option but to carry along a heavy pair of shoes, a simple suggestion would be to wear the heavier pair in travel and carry along the lighter. 

Weather Report
Stay in sync with your destinations climate conditions, so that you know what clothings to pack. It helps you decide whether or not to bring a heavy jacket or bring a hat.

Lightweight Clothing
Pile up your clothes on the bed or table, choose clothes that can mix and match with several different outfits. Pick dark colors and jeans as they will not get dirty very easily and be worn 2-3 times between laundry. In-case you're visiting a cold destination, prefer  packing cotton, linen and cotton blends instead of wool as they tend to be lighter in comparison.

Pack Smart
You might try hard to choose the lightest clothing gear, but its not going to help if you overpack. Be smart pack only what is perfectly necessary and shave off on all extra gear. Try to go with multiuse shoes unless and until your visiting for a specific occasion. If the fear of running out of clothes creeps up, pack a small bottle of laundry soap. That way you can wash your clothes before rewearing.

Ask yourself is it really necessary for me to carry all this toiletries - the world is growing small day by day. You can simply find Soap, toothpaste, cream and razors of all brands in every part of the world. Duty free shops and international hotels are making things easy for travelers to find a personal item. Pack only stuffs which you feel that would not be available in other destinations. Minimize much on carry on toiletries, as every oz that you lose tends to boost your chances of flying light.

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