Monday, 6 October 2014

Amazing Attractions to do in Sri Lanka

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Creating time to relax from all the hectic and tiresome activities that we encounter year in year out can be an awesome idea. Most importantly, knowing exactly where to find a sense of tranquility completes the whole process. 

Colombo City

Popularly known for its diverse colonial heritage, the city has immense culture to show the world. It's fitted with spectacular casinos, boutiques and shopping malls best for shopping from designer clothing to handicrafts and much more. People visiting here for the first time should not be surprised if they get to take a ride with dears. Moreover, double decker buses are of common use to the tourists as they traverse through historic and corners of the wonderful Colombo city.

Kandy Colombo

This breathtaking place is located in the hill country at a distance of 115km from Colombo. it is famous for ornamented elephants that perform the streets Kandy. The place is surrounded by glorious mountains that present the tourist with such an appealing view and feeling of nature.

Damublla Sri Lanka

As far as tourism is concerned, there are plenty of attractions that this beautiful Asian nation has to offer. Damublla is also another magnificent tourist's destination attracting millions of international and local visitors annually.


Negombo is another one stop tourist destination located near the Bandaranaike International Airport. It has stash of beautiful and restaurants and hotels that have been renowned for years due to the great accommodation and offered.


There are many airlines offering flights from the UK to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Direct flights to Colombo on British Airways and Sri Lankan Airways are slightly higher in price, but for a cheap flight to Colombo there are many indirect services via India and the Middle East.


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