Thursday, 25 June 2015

Santorini, Greece - A Photographers Paradise

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Island Holidays in Santorini, Greece is the way of getting a Photographers Paradise experience too, we never get such amazing views of each and every corner we visit in Santorini, Greece. We flew by Easy Jet to Thira airport (3 hours 20 minutes) and picked up our hire car from Avis. The island is only small (45 minutes from one end to another), but I like having the freedom to explore, which having a car offers.

Santorini is one of those idyllic destinations, the pictures of which you are probably already familiar with. Photographs of the stunning blue and white architecture and glorious sunsets adorn most travel websites, and there’s good reason for that.

Stunning Blue Oia Building:

Oia and the famous views it offers was only a 10 minute stroll away and whilst we were very envious of those lucky souls and their private infinity pools, overlooking the caldera, we were more than happy with our quiet retreat. Oia can be quite hectic, especially when the cruise ships roll in.

Oia Sunset & Color Change:

Around every corner is an opportunity for a photo. At sunset the crowds gather at the castle on the tip of the island to watch to gradual colour changes it casts over the buildings. People start to gather quite early to get a prime spot and expect a bit of argy bargy as people duel for position, with their modern day swords (the selfie stick…). But you will soon forget the throngs of tourists, as the sun slowly drops into the ocean and casts an orange glow over the caldera. It is a must do.

Sipping Martinis in the V Lounge:

Santorini’s largest town that offers sweeping views across the caldera and of the tip of the volcano. From Fira you can walk the coastal trail that takes you to Oia. We walked a small part of it and the whole trail is approx 10km long. Our evening there was spent sipping martinis in the V Lounge watching the sun go down. This was the best situated bar/ café that I’ve ever been to and as I write this, I’m daydreaming about being back there.

Akrotiri Red Beach:

Near Akrotiri is the Red Beach which is one of the stops on the catamaran island tours. The name comes from the sheer red coloured volcanic cliffs that surround it. To get to it you have to walk along a narrow path over the rocks. From where we stood it looked terrifying and I nearly talked myself out of it, but as I watched the young kinds and pensioners attempt the journey, I didn’t think it could be that bad… and it really isn’t. It’s worth making the effort, as it is a nice little beach and the water is lovely for swimming.

Vlychada Fishing Port:

Vlychada which is a traditional fishing port in Santorini, Greece. Not on many tourists itineraries (unless you happen to be passing through there on a boat tour) but we stopped there on a recommendation for some seafood. “Not outside the harbour, not on top of the harbour bur IN the harbour”. The café was filled with locals and served up some super fresh calamari and cuttlefish.

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