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Essentials required for a trip to the United States.

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Essentials required for a trip to the United States.  

The United States is an iconic destination offering variety of adventure, nightlife and venues for total relaxation. Whether on vacation or business passengers have to meet certain requirements before being considered eligible to fly to the United States. Here are some travel essentials that can help you with your next flight to the US.

Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) 
Renew your passport validity if necessary for until the period of your stay. If you fall under the Visa Waiver Programme designated to 37 countries, you can visit the United States without a visa for 90days or less. For this you would need to get an approval with ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) to determine your eligibility to travel without visa.

Don't come under the VWP
If you're not eligible to travel by VWP, you would need to apply for a nonimmigrant visa. The visa (the DS-160) can be applied online. The web-based visa should be applied before the interview with the embassy at your regional consulate.

API (Advance Passenger Information)
With security measures being tightened all passengers are put through a pre-screening process against USA Federal Government watch lists. Passengers are required to provide advance passenger information(API) for the purposes of ensuring, aviation safety and security.
The Information required are:
  •     First Name (as on passport)
  •     Family Name (as on passport)
  •     Gender
  •     Date of Birth
  •     Nationality
  •     Passport Number
  •     Passport Country
  •     Expiry Date of Passport
  •     Country of Residence
  •     Alien Registration or Permanent Resident Card Number if applicable
  •     Address while in USA if you are not a US passport holder or a landed US resident.
Safety Precautions
Before boarding your flight spend some time to learn about the country's security measures. Pay close attention to security regulations and the media for possible new safety measures or security risks. The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) instantly alerts terrorism threats through National Terrorism Advisory system, should such situations arise.

Local Laws
Knowing the rules and regulations of the visiting destination saves you from unwanted trouble with the authorities. Make yourself familiar with important laws and penalties to keep you safe from risk. If you end up being arrested do not resist. Call your government's embassy and they will do the necessary.

Perfect Season
Be prepared for the extremes of seasons in the United States. The US coastal regions are affected during the hurricane season from June to November. During summer months, forest and wild fires are a common sight to the east of the rocky mountains. With a nationwide average of 800 tornadoes per year during spring and summer and sudden snow storms during winter its wise to plan appropriately.

Visit the regional GP as early as 8weeks prior to your departure to take necessary vaccinations or preventive measures. Monitor the regular updates on health concerns posted on the National Travel Health Network and Centre. The economy for medical treatment over in the US is very expensive, enroll for reliable health insurance and check to be sure that it covers overseas medical costs.

When you arrive in the US, be wary of your surroundings and remember that you're a guest in another culture. Respect the local culture and tradition, have fun and stay safe.


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