Tuesday, 11 June 2013

EU secret summer destinations

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EU secret summer destinations
The Summer is back and everyone is planning on their vacation to Europe's most popular summer destinations. But it's not going to be as easy as said, cause it's also a peak season. With swarms of tourists visiting Europe all summer, prices go up, flights and hotels are hard to get.

Muhu Island, Estonia
Muhu, is a growing summer hot spot in the Baltic Sea. It is the largest island under Estonia. It houses still functional windmills, thatched cottages and a 13th century pagan Church. The island holds rich tradition, dating back to 1227.

Krapfenwaldbad, Vienna, Austria
 A city recognised by the locals for its four pools overlooking the city on a hill top, makes it the best place to be when temperatures rise on a summer day. Enjoy the view and soak up the sun at the heart of Vienna's summer social scene.


Gozo, Malta
Visit one of the worlds earliest inhabited archipelago, boasting 7000 years of intriguing history. A best kept secret on the Maltese archipelago. The island's top attractions are the Calypso Cave and the Azure Window.Come and bewitched by this historic destination.


Grenen, Skagen, Denmark
Soak in the sun, with Denmark receiving 16 hours of sunlight per day from June to August. Head to the northern most point of Denmark - Grenen, where you can actually sea the clear ridge formed by the meeting of the North Sea and Baltic Sea.


Ikaria, Greece
Greece, an ancient cradle of western civilization served as a major centre for arts, learning and philosophy. A six hours ferry from Athens, takes you to the most remote island of Ikaraia. The beauty of the Aegean Islands reflects an equal blend of ancient history and modern life.

 This does not have to be the scenario with you, leave behind the regular destination concept and get ready to explore some of Europe's under-the-radar beach towns, wine regions and lake districts instead.


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