Friday, 18 July 2014

Aliens Just Sighting in Southern Nevada

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The Extraterrestrial Highway 375 UFOS Aliens

We've all heard of plane spotting, train spotting, and even celeb spotting, however when in Southern Nevada the only thing we're trying to spot are the elusive aliens and extraterrestrial objects so often sighted in this mysterious state. Travellers can start their celestial adventure 147 miles north of Las Vegas on the Extraterrestrial Highway (Highway 375) in Sand Spring Valley. 

Rachel, the UFO Capital of the World

Located along the Extraterrestrial Highway, approximately 150 miles north of Las Vegas, this small town with just 100 inhabitants is a regular location for fans of UFO's stopping over to learn about the peculiar Air Force testing facility.

The Black Mailbox Nevada State Route 375

Go on a hunt to find the Black Mailbox (now painted white), where aliens are said to deliver correspondence with the locals, before setting camp for the night and gazing into one of the darkest night skies in the United States, for a glimpse of extraterrestrial life...

Area 51 Exists

The mysterious former nuclear testing facility, Area 51 is located in the heart of the Nevada desert and for the first time last year was publically recognized by the CIA when documents were released acknowledging the site.


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