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Check Top 5 Places To See In Tel Aviv

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There has been a settlement present in this particular part of the Mediterranean coast for over four thousand years, although Tel Aviv itself was first founded in 1909, away from the old city of Jaffa. However, over the years the small settlement continued to grow, and eventually became large enough to absorb the old city. Today Tel Aviv is the second largest city in Israel, and not only boasts a liberal atmosphere, but also a wonderful architecture, which has earned the city UNESCO recognition, and the charming nickname of the 'White City'.

1. Old Jaffa:

This historic area is reputed to be where Jonah departed in the biblical tale, and legend states that the city was built by Japheth, one of the sons of Noah after the waters receded following the Great Flood. 

2. Rothschild Boulevard:

This boulevard was one of the original areas of Tel Aviv when it was first founded in 1909, and is one of the main reasons that the city achieved UNESCO World Heritage Site status. 

3. Tel Aviv Beach:

The beaches of Tel Aviv are among the most popular attractions, with beautiful, bustling stretches of sand fronting on to pleasant and clean water which is fine for swimming. 

4. Luna Park Tel Aviv:

This is the largest theme park in Tel Aviv, and is home to a variety of different rides and amusements, with the features designed to appeal to both adults and children with a combination of rides on offer.

5. Dizengoff Street:

When it comes to shopping, the majority of places in Tel Aviv are shopping malls, but for those looking for a more traditional experience Dizengoff Street is certainly an interesting place to visit.

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